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Couples that style together, stay together
We’re not talking about that kind of matchy-matchy awkward couple dressing. We’re all about displaying your sense of style as a couple in a modern and chic way. Here’s how

Before you cringe, we’re not suggesting you head out to purchase a duo set of minion tees. Nor are we suggesting you go buy those ‘Queen and King’ sweaters and wear them everywhere as unnecessary proof that you are, in fact, an item.

We’re talking about that effortlessly chic and trendy #couplegoals kind of styling that you see peppered over social these days. A bit like when couples head to a wedding together, there’s often a splash of mutual colour which really ties the ensembles together and makes the couple photos pop. It’s also a very endearing method of expressing your love too, ya’ know.

There’s a few ways you can nail it to ensure that whilst you do dress as a pair, you can still express your individuality and never hit the ‘cringe’ button. Here’s how:

  1. The easiest way is to both choose a ‘genre’ such as off-duty, street, smart or boho and rock it in your own manner.
  2. Pick a pattern such as stripes, floral or polka dot print and both wear the same pattern but in different tones and colours. That way you’re paired but it’s not too ‘in your face’.
  3. Take a theme that you both adhere too, but then let loose on how you work it. So ‘monochromatic’ can be your theme and you both pick black and white pieces.
  4. Choose the same apparel items such as shirt and pants, perhaps pick a similar hue and then the rest you go your separate ways.
  5. Accessorise with things like matching watches and arm bangles or pick the same motif such as silver skull pendant for him and silver skull earrings for you.
  6. Wear the exact same item but style it to suit your personality and gender, such as an oversized tee that fits both.

For extra help on nailing your #couplegoals, check out these pieces handpicked from Plaza Singapura to looking stylish together all in one place. It’s a win-win for both.


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