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Easy styles to get your outfits ready for work and play, no trip home required
Plaza Singapura is a treasure trove when it comes to creating outfits and styles that are perfect for work and play. Make it your one-stop shop the next time you go shopping

When you open your wardrobe in the mornings to plan an outfit that will get you from work to play, do you get stuck? Maybe then it is time for you to shop for a new outfit. Before shopping, it pays to have a vision of the style you would like to wear. It will be much easier to shop and you would spend less time walking around trying to find pieces to fit the vision.

Plaza Singapura is a mall that has many fashion shops that caters to the working professional. With reputable brands like Esprit and Ray-Ban, to home-grown brands like Pedro, Runway Bandits and Her Velvet Vase, you would be spoilt for choice. It really is a treasure trove of goodies.

To make your shopping easier, we have curated six styles that are both professional, work friendly, and after-hours, play-time ready. We share tips and tricks to help you look your best and these styles are easy to emulate, you no longer need to rush home after work to get ready for social functions after work.

Outfit 1: Clashing prints galore

Woven maxi dress, Esprit ($119.95), shoulder bag, Esprit ($69.95), dark green sunglass, Ray-Ban ($270), feathered open toe mules, Pedro ($83.90)

The clashing print style is ever trendy but editing is key to make sure you don’t look garish and out-of-place. Choose a statement piece to feature. For this look, the Esprit printed dress is the focal point of the outfit. Ray-ban sunglasses, Esprit bag and Pedro mules are chosen for the colours to accent rather than compete with the dress, despite having embellished details.

Outfit 2: Flirty and feminine

Isabelle lace overlay midi, Her Velvet Vase ($45), rattan bloafer mules, SPUR URBANMINE ($99), ankle T strap flats, SPUR URBANMINE ($99)

If you are going for a feminine look, neutral pastel tones are the way to go. For the day, pair the pale pink lace midi dress from Her Velvet Vase with white rattan mules from SPUR URBANMINE. This creates a colour palette that is soft and pleasing to the eyes. Add dainty jewellery pieces for added sophistication.

To amp up your look for the night, swap your shoes to these black strappy flats from SPUR URBANMINE to add an anchor colour. The strappy design and the pointed tips ensure that the ensemble remains fun and feminine while still showing personality. You can up the ante by swapping the dainty jewellery for bold, statement jewellery to add further personality.

Outfit 3: Play with textures

Hilza dress, Runway Bandits ($36), denim jacket, Esprit ($99.95), acid el velle heels, SPUR URBANMINE ($119)

This style works by layering different textures and materials together to create a fresh perspective. Pair light and heavy with softness and weight. A loose-fitting, A-line navy mandarin shirt dress from Runway Bandits is paired with a structured, heavier denim jacket from Esprit. Dark black leather sandal heels from SPUR URBANMINE rounds off this edgy, yet feminine look.


Outfit 4: One colour wonder

Zora top, Runway Bandits ($35), Clyde trousers, Her Velvet Vase ($41), gradient blue sunglass, Ray-Ban ($260), acid el urbanized slingback grin heels, SPUR URBANMINE ($119)

Wearing a single colour is the easiest way to create a cohesive look. However, wearing the same shade throughout can make you look two-dimensional and flat. To mitigate the problem, intersperse different tones of the same colour. Wear the short periwinkle top from Runway Bandits with a deep navy blue trousers from Her Velvet Vase and finish the look with a blue slingback heels from SPUR URBANMINE. This interplay of tonality, especially focusing the deeper, darker tones on the lower body will help elongate your frame. Finally, a fun blue ombre sunglass from Ray-Ban adds a little summer coolness.

Outfit 5: Colour-blocking impact

Zim top and Thysse skirt, Runway Bandits ($34 and $38), dressy pointed heels in wine, SPUR URBANMINE ($109)

Colour-blocking is an unique play on colours to create greater visual impact where solid colours that seemingly clash are placed together to harmonious effect. For this ensemble, jewel tones are used. Sapphire blue Ray-bans, a mustard top and an emerald skirt from Runway Bandits and ruby pointed stilettos from SPUR URBANMINE are used to complete the outfit. Using similar colour families - think categories like pastels, light powder colours of blues and pinks, will help you ace this colour-blocking style with ease. Monochromatic is also a subset within this method.

Outfit 6: Classy minimalism

Hera belted jumpsuit, Her Velvet Vase ($52), pink aviator sunglass, Ray-Ban ($290), open toe mules, Pedro ($89.90)

The ethos of minimalism means that less is more. Each piece in the ensemble is parred to its most basic and simplest forms, from its colour to its silhouette, to create a simple yet effectively fashionable and modern style. Neutral tones are employed here again, from the dusk pink jumpsuit from Her Velvet Vase to the camel mules from Pedro. Pink aviators from Ray-Ban adds to the simplicity while giving a fresh, cool girl vibe.

Shop locations in Plaza Singapura:
Esprit #01-08/9 Her Velvet Vase #03-41 Ray-Ban #01-25 Runway Bandits #B1-31, 32B, 33 Pedro #01-03 SPUR URBANMINE #02-26



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